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The Eat-Clean® Diet Women's Cycling Team is very excited to be hosting the 2010 Women's Learn to Race/Ride Skills Camp for road cyclists on April 24/25 2010.


Past National Team cyclist and The Eat-CleanŽ Diet Team rider Leigh Hargrove was inspired in 1990 when another past National Team cyclist (Denise Kelly) hosted a camp for women cyclists. This event made a huge impact on Leigh - she met great people, learned fantastic bike handling skills and grew her confidence on the bike - all in one weekend. So - twenty years later - she felt like it was time to do it again and share the experience!

This camp is geared for intermediate riders who have been riding for a few years and want to take their cycling experience to the next level.

Really, we want to make your cycling more efficient (and enjoyable) - teach you some drills and tips for riding better - and give each participant the confidence and skills to race in a bike race or just ride with their group/club more regularly.

Camp leader Leigh Hargrove raced with the National Team for 3 years (1995-1997) earning multiple national titles and placing 14th in the world in the mid-nineties. She will be joined by Petrina Tulissi who is a NCCP Level 2 Coach who has worked with National team athletes. Special guest and author of The Eat-Clean Diet®, Tosca Reno will be doing a presentation on nutrition as well! We also have a group of coaches and experienced riders in addition who will be helping to run the drills and in-class sessions. You'll be in good hands and it may be a great opportunity to meet other riders!

Do you fit into one of these categories? If so, this camp might be perfct for you!
  • Would love to ride with a group, but not sure I could do it properly!
  • I've been riding for a couple seasons now and I feel I could learn a few things to take my cycling skills to the next level
  • I've always wanted to race but never knew how or where to begin!
  • I have never been formally taught how to ride my bike more efficiently - and it's time!
  • I've increased my strength and endurance on the bike - but now what?
  • I'm a triathlete or duathlete and interested in bettering my bike skills!
Saturday April 24 9am-4pm
Sunday April 25 9am-4pm

Iroquois Ridge Community Center
1051 Glenashton Drive, Oakville, Ontari

Community Center Website

$139.99 (Includes lunch both days!)

At this time, the camp can no longer process cancellations due to the commitment we have to reserve the location and the food for the group and the closeness of the event start date.
***Only accepting 40 participant field limit ***

Registration has now closed.

For inquiries, questions, and comments, please contact
Leigh Hargrove, Team President, for information.

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