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Cycling is a tough sport - some would argue, one of the toughest! When Leigh Hargrove retired in 1997 from the competitive side of the sport she always wanted to give back to the sport that had given so greatly to her.

Fast-forward 12 years and Leigh was inspired by other women riders during a group ride and wanted to help put together a team that created a supportive and encouraging environment for developing riders.

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This team was then created (over a period of seven months) to provide a supportive environment for female competitive cyclists to assist them in taking their riding and racing to the next level.

Every member of this brand new team has been transformed by cycling - whether it be through the challenges that they face or the places the bike has taken them. Whichever the case, these team riders are not only training & competing during the 2010 race season, they will also be giving back to the community through inspirational blogging, school presentations, public events and through hosting a women's only cycling camp as role models for all women.

Shortly we will feature the bios of these great women on this website. In the meantime, we are proud to announce our 2010 team roster:

  •  Melina Crosby
  •  Leigh Hargrove
  •  Wendy Morley
  •  Tosca Reno
  •  Petrina Tulissi

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